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Practice HORA

Practice HORA training gave me back my physical and mental strength as well as opened up new doors to my creativity as I created Bechtler Ensemble. The reason the dedication goes to our youth is simple: they are our future! They need resilience, as well as mental and physical stamina to live in this world and to create a better future.

HORA enabled me to create my own chamber ensemble, a dream that I never thought was possible. 


Bechtler Ensemble is passionate about the Youth movement HORA Trance Sport, which is a cutting-edge technology that connects the body, the nervous system and the intellect. HORA is a science-based training program designed to develop physical and intellectual inner strength, endurance, and the ability to remain calm during any activity. Bechtler dedicates all of her music to the HORA Trance Sport youth movement. 


Hora Chair

I use the HORA chair whenever possible because my productivity and focus are higher, and also because it gives me strength and support for my feet. This unique angle that the chair places my body in, is energizing and helps me to work in a more creative and efficient mode. When I go back to a regular chair I immediately feel the shift of slumping back into the chair and being more lethargic. The HORA chair stimulates my body and my brain in a new way that I have never felt before just by sitting. It is remarkable and even hard to believe that such a small change of design can have such an enormous effect on my entire system. The calmness I feel helps me to remain focused for longer periods of time. I recommend these chairs for any classroom setting and also for those who want to experience a higher quality of life while sitting. 

Tanja Bechtler 

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