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Educational Music Programs: elevating and relaxing at the same time!

Our educational concerts connect the story of each composer with the music in an engaging and fun way.

Our society is increasingly appreciating the value of music lessons whether it is in a classroom setting or as a one-on-one lesson. Nothing, however, can compare to attending a live concert, which has the power to directly open your ears, your eyes, and your mind. 

The goal of our interdisciplinary experienced-based concerts in Chicago, IL, and Charlotte, NC is to elevate everyone’s musical education, by introducing music as a means to engage the senses on a deeper, more meaningful level, and to present the values of music whether it is classical, folk, pop, contemporary or film oriented.

The art of beautifully crafted educational concerts

Our educational concerts offer a meticulously planned program, that connects the music to the composer's historical background and to their cultural values. We demonstrate how the composer uses the language of music to tell their story, thus igniting the imagination, expanding the mind, and elevating the soul.