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Book our Music Ensemble
for a Special Event

Bechtler Ensemble will help you create a one-of-a-kind experience that your guests will remember for years to come. We help you set the mood for your special event whether it is uplifting, joyous, or reflective.

The best part of hiring our musicians? We work with each client on an individual basis by offering a wide variety of styles.


Violin and Music Sheet

Our poetry and music events are the most creative aspect of what we offer. We engage with each poet to bring about a deeper meaning of the poem by creating a synthesis between the rhythms, melodies and harmonies with the poem. 

Educational Concert .png

Music education has the ability to enhance your enjoyment of music by demonstrating the connections between the composer’s intent and the techniques he/she uses to illustrate the story behind the music. Not only will you understand more about the language of music but you will also expand your mind and spark your imagination.

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Garden Concerts 

Are your families and friends feeling cooped up? Why not invite them for a concert beneath the stars, a neighborhood picnic, a festive outdoor banquet for a milestone event like a graduation, a special birthday celebration or honoring a loved one that has passed away. Whatever the occasion, an outdoor event is a perfect place to enjoy live music. Our selections will reflect your tastes, from the Baroque era to the Contemporary, all the way to Film, Pop Rock, Country and Jazz music. 

Crowd Applauding

Musical Lectures 

A musical lecture is a great addition to any speaker series. The music selected will include a more in-depth look into the composer’s life, their historical background as well as what musical techniques are incorporated. The focus is more on the explanations rather than on the performance. 

Wedding Photography


Are you wondering how to make your wedding even more magical? As you take your first steps down the aisle, all eyes are on you. The music swells behind you, filling every inch of the venue with the song you have ever so carefully selected. We can easily accommodate your special requests for your special day



From the ceremony itself to the reception to the after party, we can make it truly special as you take time to celebrate such a major accomplishment. Whether it’s a graduation from high school, college, grad school, medical school, or law school, we can be there to add to the congratulatory and celebratory atmosphere.

Champagne pyramid

Corporate Events 

Planning a company-sponsored event? If you want to make sure your coworkers have a great time, a modern music ensemble is just what you need. We’ll make it our business to ensure the experience is as special as possible for you and everyone you work with.

Flowers Candles Funeral

Memorial Services 

Honor a loved one with a beautiful musical tribute to their life. While decisions often have to be made quickly under these circumstances, we will take care of your needs and make sure that the experience is as easy and seamless as possible.

Ready to start planning your next event?

Charlotte, NC & Chicago, IL

Phone: 704-277-5416


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