The Bechtler Ensemble’s mission is to unite people of all races and ages through music by creating a space of joyfulness and peace.

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Bechtler Ensemble dedicates all its concerts to HORA® TRANCE SPORT, a global youth movement, that is designed to develop physical and intellectual inner strength, endurance, and the ability to remain calm during any activity.


Garden Concerts

What People Are Saying 

"Is it not amazing that some people enjoy playing music and that twenty others feel their souls elevated by just listening? It is almost a miracle"
"We were so delighted to hear those sounds emanating from a dozen strings played so artfully.... the sensations produced were heavenly"

Review of The Summer Garden Concert Series, July 2020

“We think that the arrangements were done with great respect to the originals and the results were so sweet to the ears and filling our hearts.“ 
"I noticed also that the audience wanted to express their pleasure with long applause but as soon as you put your cell on the ground to walk over to the mike, out of respect to you the applause ceased immediately."

“I suppose you noticed the final applause: intense, and long, everybody wanted to demonstrate their thanks for the wonderful music you generated.
So, we say BRAVI to Bechtler Ensemble”

Review of The Bechtler Ensemble plays the Beatles. November 2021

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