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Celebrating Annemarie Schwarzenbach. April 10, 2022.

Updated: May 30, 2022

Dear friends,

I would love for you to come hear this special concert. We are presenting music that you will not hear anywhere else, like Tamusuza, a living Ugandandian composer.

The setting is modern and we have photography to go along with the countries that the composer is from. Come check us out.

Tanja :))

Celebrating Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Sunday, April 10 at 6 PM

In celebration of the new exhibition Annemarie Schwarzenbach: Departure without Destination, the Bechtler Ensemble performs music of composers from places Annemarie Schwarzenbach lived and traveled to in her lifetime. Photographs highlighting a variety of subjects from Schwarzenbach's travels to Switzerland, Africa, and Austria are paired with Swiss composer Paul Juon, African composer Justinian Tamusuza, and Austrian composer Hugo Wolf. We invite you to imagine an around-the-world journey that Annemarie captured so beautifully.

Members of the Bechtler Ensemble: Lenora Leggatt, violin 1 Tatiana Karpova, violin 2 Vasily Gorkovoy, viola Tanja Bechtler, cello Artistic Director: Tanja Bechtler Artistic co-Director: Lenora Leggatt

Program Paul Juon (Swiss, born in Russia, 1872 – 1940) | String Quartet No. 1, in D major, Op. 5 I. Allegro moderato III. Scherzo

Justinian Tamusuza (Ugandan, 1951 - present) Mu Kkubo Ery’Omusaalaba I. Ekitundu Ekisooka

Hugo Wolf (Austrian, born in Slovenia, 1860 - 1903) | String Quartet in D minor “Entbehren sollst Du, Sollst Entbehren”

III. Langsam II. Scherzo

REGISTRATION Tickets are $14 nonmembers, $10 museum members, and $ 5 students (with proof of ID). Doors open at 5:30 PM. Concert begins at 6:00 PM.

Proof of vaccination OR a negative COVID-19 test (taken no more than three days prior to the program date) is required for attendees, staff, guests, artists, and vendors attending the concert.

As always Tanja dedicates all her concerts to HORA Trance Sport Youth movement.

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